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Steering Committee

The Our Hospital Our Future Steering Committee was established as CKHA entered Phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 includes looking to engage the community on the hospital plans and receiving feedback from those who will use the facility. 

The OHOF Steering Committee plays a critical role in shaping the future spaces of the redevelopment project. It was established to provide guidance and oversight for the development and execution of an engagement strategy aimed at informing the future spaces and services of the Wallaceburg Site Redevelopment project. The committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective engagement with stakeholders and in assessing the outcomes of the engagement process. 

The committee first met in March 2024 to discuss the project and to help guide CKHA Leadership in determining key stakeholders who are crucial to the success of the project. 

The committee will play an integral part in community engagement strategy, and will meet regularly to ensure its effectiveness as Phase 2 of the project continues. 

Steering Committee Members

Dr. Dennis Atoe

Mark Carr

Mari Cole

Aaron Hall

Terra Kitzul-Arens

Jennie Lozon

Lori Marshall

Christine Mitchell

Lana Parenteau

Gord Quinton

Naty Ramirez-Reyes

Aaron Ryan

Sheila Satchell

Sherri Saunders

Alex Sullo

Fannie Vavoulis

Jeff Wesley

Dr. Briana Yee-Providence

Check out some photos from our first Steering Committee Meeting!